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Things That’s Been Curious About Wooden Composite Windows

What Is Composite?

The materials created by combining two or more substances with different physical and chemical properties are called composites. In order to combine these materials some techniques such as melting, and boiling are applied and as a result raw material is gathered. These substances interact each other to cover each other’s weak points during the merging process. Composites generally contain two materials. One of these materials is a binding material called as Matrix and the other material is called as Reinforcement material. We can often come across with the obtained material in nature and anthropic structures.

Composite Types

Composite materials are divided into three as natural, early and modern composites among themselves. Natural composite exists in nature mostly in animals and plants. Early composite is used in the production of construction materials. Modern composite, on the other hand, is used in the areas such as windows, panels, internal-external covers.

Composite Windows

In the window areas, composite materials are produced by combining two different substances as well. Composite windows are the most recommended and impressive solution in special creations. Wooden aluminum consists of materials such as wooden PVC and PVC aluminum. While the wood provides a natural view, aluminum adds stability to the structure. When these collaborate with PVC system, insulation problem is resolved and windows are produced that fully meet the expectations. Quality and long-lasting windows must have certificates approved by TSE (Turkish Standardization Institute).

Usage Areas

Composite windows, the latest products of developed technology, are widely used in construction industry. It is possible to see composite windows in public/service buildings, houses, swimming pools business centers, offices, gyms, shopping malls, roofs, toilets and bathrooms, bus terminals, villas and more areas.

Composite Windows are Applied With Four Different Types:

- Wooden Aluminum Composite Window
- Aluminum PVC Composite Window
- Wooden PVC Composite Window
- Fiberglass Window

General Properties of Composite Windows

-These window systems provide fresh air by its simplicity in your house and office.
-It is excellently thermal and sound insulated.
-It is resistant to adverse weather conditions.
-It provides maximum security when unwated situations such as theft occurs when it is reinforced with additional products.
-It is resistant to physical impacts such as pushing, pulling and leaning.
-It provides a perfect seal with its special sealing system.
-It is resistant to wind and it has a high performance
-It helps you to gain from heat saving up to %60-&70.

Wooden Composite Windows

Wooden composite windows consist of combination of wood, natural construction material, and aluminum that has resistant property. Wood was a material that has not been used so far, as it is thought to require a lot of maintenance. With the contributions of aluminum, these taboos have been removed and significantly useful windows have been produced. Therefore, the usage of wooden aluminum windows increased day after day.

Wood is healthful and recyclable because it is an ecological material. Contrary to popular belief, wood material, which is widely used in windows, is more resistant to fire than materials such as concrete and iron. Since wood has the feature of absorbing air, it also absorbs moisture in the house and it prevents the formation of moisture.

It is possible to produce variable window types with wooden aluminum windows. Some of these types are as follows: opening inwards, opening outwards, opening both inwards and outwards, sliding door and folding doors. Because the inward surface is wood, it has different wood patterns. Wooden view provides a warm and splendid appearance to house. There are also different options of pattern and color for outward surfaces.

General Properties of Wooden Aluminum Composite Windows

- Thanks to the acoustic conductivity, it is soundproof.
- It definitely does not get warm and melt during fire.
- It has a long lifetime.
- Wood does not get affected by exterior factors and it does not require maintenance.
- Natural structure of wood provides a warm environment.
- Because it is natural it can be produced by using different wood patterns.

Color Options

Walnut, golden oak, mahogany, gnarled mahogany, cedar, gray, anthracite, gnarled oak, ancient walnut, echocal gray, rustic oak, satin gray, white, juniper, beech, chestnut, dark green, smoked, red pine, coffee, black, hazelnut, dark coffee, midnight blue, mink.

How to Use and Maintain?

There is a solution of every possible problem of composite windows, therefore, wooden composite windows have longer life spans. Aluminum, wooden and PVC systems have long life spans. Wooden does not require any sort of maintenance. Except these, it sometimes require cleaning for the surfaces of exterior parts.

Are Composite Windows Trusted in the Matter of Health?

Developing technology is not only beneficial, but, also harmful for human life. At this point, we have think twice before preferring latest technology for our house. The exact solution lies into the Wooden Composite Windows Systems that are developed by five decade of experience of a scientist named A. G. Holzman and latest technology. Thanks to A. G. Holzmann and his superior efforts, the health that comes with wooden window systems includes in daily life again. Except the aesthetic beauty that wooden aluminum windows offer, it also prevents the internal heat of rooms from external conditions. At the same time it creates solution to sound insulation and security expectations against theft. It is possible to maximize your theft security with these composite windows, which are completed with appropriate accessories and additional products. It provides a splendid view to houses since precious and distinguished wood types are used in its production. Wood has health benefits compared to artificial materials such as PVC, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), these are as follows:

- Because it is a breathable material, it absorbs the moisture while it balances humidity.
- It does not emit harmful particles to air like other materials do, at the stage of usage.
- It has been proven that it has a soothing color and structure to the soul of man.
-In case of fire, it does not emit various toxic gases such as Dioxin.

The Most Suitable Wood Types to Be Used in Wooden Window Production

There are variable wood types that can be used in the production of wooden windows due to abundance of different wood types. All of them has different properties. They have lots of differences such as color, texture, whether they hold paint, being damaged, drying ease etc. Due to choice of tree type, the price increases or decreases. In the production of wood composite windows, generally Yellow Pine, Oak and Meranti tree are preferred.

The Prices of Wooden Windows

The most important factor in window replacement is definitely the material used. If you aim to replace your windows in the most original way, wooden window is the best choice. This window will provide you an original and classic look as well as an excellent insulation service. If we give an average price, it costs 2.000 - 3.000 TL (Turkish Liras) for 2.5 square meters.

Things to Know in Window Usage

If you have chosen materials that do not require extra care, it will be sufficient to reguarly wipe them with cleaning products. This also helps your window to be long lasting and perfom the necessary functions.